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Welcome aboard the Canadian Aeronautical Communications Website. My name is Peter Ivakitsch and I reside in Toronto, Canada. I have been interested in aviation for nearly 40 years, the past 25 years more specifically in air traffic control and aeronautical radio communications.   I have compiled what I believe to be one of the most comprehensive resources for aviation frequency information Canada wide. VHF & UHF frequencies make up the majority of content on this site. For those who are new to the hobby of aeronautical communications, I have created a number of pages that begin with an introduction outlining the who, what, where, and when's of monitoring aeronautical communications. Additional pages further explain the various functions of air traffic control, including examples of conversations and a glossary of aviation and ATC terminology. Corrections are always welcome. If you happen to notice any errors or omissions  by all means please drop me a note. Just select the E-mail link to the left. Cheers and many happy landings.


All information on this website is strictly for pleasure.  Always refer to "official" publications for operational purposes.

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